Arctic Laundry

Local self-service laundry
Suosiolantie 5, Rovaniemi | 66° 29' 35.2 "N 25° 40' 55.2 "E
customer service +358406729626 | info(at)
open 7-22 | customer service monday-thursday 10-16 friday 10-13
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66° 29' 35.2 "N 25° 40' 55.2 "E

Local self-service laundry

Arctic Laundry Rovaniemi

Arctic Laundry is a first self-service laundry in Rovaniemi. It was founded on the need to do laundry quickly and affordably. It is also a cozy meeting place. During part of the day, you will also find a customer service representative at the laundromat who will guide you if necessary.

Open every day 7am to 10pm

Customer service mo - thu 10am - 4pm and fri 10am - 1pm
sivuston kuivutuskuvassa ympyrämuotoisissa kehyksissä keltainen auto, keltaisia kahvikuppeja ja henkilö kannettavan tietokoneen ääressä, itsepalvelupesula arctic laundry

By car to the door, coffee while waiting

It’s easy to come to us. There is plenty of free parking space in the business center area, you can bring and pick up the heaviest textiles by car right in front of the door. You can also get to the laundromat by bus.

How does it work?

When you arrive, choose the right size machine and follow the operating instructions on the wall to get the machines up and running easily. Note the separate carpet machine. There are machines in different sizes to choose from for laundry and larger household textiles. As special programs, you can also find a coverall program and a fluff program. You can find also packing materials from our store.

Follow the operating instructions on the wall and you can easily start the machines. While waiting, there is coffee, tea, hot chocolate with marshmallows and candy available.

You don’t need your own detergent, it is included in the price of washing and the machine dispenses the detergent automatically. The detergent is high-quality, fragrance-free, allergy-tested and swan-labelled. Also suitable for wool and silk materials. At the laundry, you can also find stain removers and packing materials (bags for laundry, as well as separate carpet bags) and you can use them freely.

You can also leave flat-washable rugs for us to wash. We will wash them according to the agreed schedule. You can leave the rugs at customer service opening hours. It is also possible to leave the rugs outside of customer service opening hours, instructions can be found at the laundry. You can also call us. More information about flat-washing can be found on our website under the heading flat-wash.

If you wish, you can leave your laundry for us to wash. We can wash your clothes, bed linen, mattress covers, work overalls, machine washable rugs, etc. for you. We listen to your wishes and wash the laundry with the same machines and available programs as the self-service laundry. In this case, the laundry must be resistant to water washing, spinning and, if necessary, tumble drying. Hanging drying for large products is also possible. The laundry left with us is washed as service laundry and it is priced differently than the laundry done yourself in a self-service laundromat. Ironed laundry is 6e/kg, folded laundry is 5.5e/kg. Mixed laundry is priced per machine and a service fee is added to this. Delivery time varies depending on the season. For larger quantities and continuous orders, you should contact us in advance. Very urgent laundry is priced separately.

Give the gift of cleanliness!

We also offer gift cards with different washing options.
Ask the staff for more information!