Local Self-service laundry

Arctic Laundry is the first self-service laundry in Rovaniemi. It is established to meet the need of washing laundry quickly, conveniently and affordably. Besides to that, Arctic Laundry is also a cozy place to meet.

Tarvittaessa saat apua soittamalla numeroon 0406729626


OPEN DAILY 7.00-22.00

Asiakaspalvelu Ma-To 10.00-16.00

Asiakaspalvelu Pe 10.00-13.00


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In our facilities, there is a cafe with Wi-Fi access. With us, you can use your spare time as you like, enjoying fresh coffee and bun while working or running errands in local shops.

You can access and find our facilities easily. There is plenty of free parking space nearby, heavier textiles you can drop and pick-up with the car straight from the entrance. You can access our laundry also by bus, and if needed, we can pick-up your laundry. Check out more from our pick-up services!

30 min wash time

30 min washing time with machines and dryers.

Free parking

You can get your laundry directly to the front door.

Size of the machine

The sizes of the machines are 9kg, 14kg, 19kg and large dryers.Own machines for carpets and textiles.

You can come to our self-service laundry without any appointment. Our long opening hours offer you a flexible use of our services within your own schedule.

Our self-service laundry’s simple and clear instructions and manuals guide you when you arrive at our facilities. As a payment method, you can use debit or credit card, contactless payment, and ApplePay. For our entrepreneur customers, we offer a laundry card with monthly billing according to your usage. We offer also gift cards with different laundry options. Ask more from our staff!